Raouda Medical Center is a nonprofit organization (NGO) approved by Niger Ministry of Interior and Ministry of health decrees:  N°157/MISPD/ACR/DGAPJ/DLP du 10 mars 2014 and N°000214/MSP du 6 juillet 2015. We have a capacity of 50 beds and  are located in Tahoua, Niger.

Our vision
Leading Practical model of voluntary health care services.

Our mission
Offering diverse, high quality health services at low to no cost to patient of all socio-demographic classes in Tahoua region and Niger Republic at large

Our values
Honesty, integrity, professionalism, customer service, Partnership, holistic approach in disease prevention and management as well as in health promotion.

Our goals

  • Promoting Health education to individual, family and the community
  • Offering medical and preventive voluntary health care services to individual, family and community.  Empower individual, family and the community to actively participate in identifying and solving health problems.
  • To have mobile health clinics in Tahoua and the surrounding villages.
  • Addressing youth and teenagers health challenges.
  • Rising awareness about mental health issues
  • Introduce voluntary medical emergency services in time of crises.