Pharmaceutical charity projects
The project aims to provide free and or low cost medicines for those who are unable to secure for themselves and their families.

Visiting patient’s projects
The project aims to give hope and comfort to patients, and to minimize hospitalization related isolation, in addition to giving food, water and or valuable gift to patient and family.

Dental & oral health project
The project aims to provide medical and preventive dental services to the needy.

Charity curative projects
Providing high standard therapeutic service to needy patients and family (medical, surgical and rehabilitative services)

Medical supplies project
Receiving new and used instruments and medical supplies from patient and organizations then, giving them out to needy patients and family our sign, Is you don’t need it, give it as a charity.

Maternity and childhood project
Providing full OB GYN service including prenatal to postnatal care. (Natural and Caesarean childbirth)

The mobile clinic project- Medical convoy’s project
The mobile clinic project- prepared mobile clinics for needy people in and our Tahoua to provide health and educational services with participation of volunteers, doctors and specialists

Medical team project
The aim of this project is to send medical team to some villages in the Tahoua region and remote areas that do not have specialized health services.

Funeral services Project
We will have a building were death bodies could be washed and prepared for burial