Message from Dr. Mahaman Laouali Moussa, the President and CEO of Raouda Medical Center

I’m deeply delighted to serve as President and Chief Executive Officer of The Raoudah Medical Center where dedicated and committed staff are providing high-quality care for our patients and family at low to no cost. We offer a variety of health care services including, pharmacy, inpatient and outpatient surgery, urgent care, internal Medicine, ophthalmology clinic, OBGYN,  pediatric,  rehabilitation and mental health services.

Today, we are proud to be the first nonprofit organization (NGO) in Niger focusing in both patient satisfaction, in the quality and safety of patient care. Our goal is nothing less than to be the best hospital in Niger and beyond. We are pursuing our mission by following one basic belief: Bringing positive social change by always put the needs of patients/families/communities first.

At Raouda Medical Center, we recognize that providing personalized care close to home is an integral part of creating an extraordinary patient/family experience.


Dr. Mahaman Laouali Moussa